An educational journey to South Korea and Shanghai


Due to the current COVID-19 situation, we are forced to postpone our study tour. Study Tour Daejo is moved from September 2020 to September 2021. This may be a big disappointment, but this also provides us with one extra year to make our study tour even better than it was before! We are therefore looking forward to keeping in contact with our current partners and to finding new/extra partners to make Study Tour Daejo more prestigious, more interesting and of course more educational than ever before! 

The rapid development of two technological giants: 

Contrasts within South-Korea & Shanghai and their meteoric rise within health and medical industry.



In September 2020 we will be travelling through South Korea and Shanghai to experience technical and medical developments in these countries. During this trip, educational visits and cultural experiences will be balanced.



The participants are a mix of Technical Medicine and Biomedical Engineering students. 


Preliminary to the trip, participants will attend guest lectures and will extensively research the theme of this year’s study tour: contrasts (Daejo).

In addition to this research, the participants perform case studies in their field of interest, which will financially support the study tour.


Daejo’ or in english ‘contrasts’ will be the main theme of this study tour. South- Korea currently is one of the most rapidly developing countries in the world. Within 40 years time it developed as a third world country into one of the world leaders in medical care. Another country that had a remarkable period of rapid growth is China. It is interesting to see what the effect of this growth is in the medical sector and the implementation of technology in this sector. Which factors lead to this growth, how do these countries deal with their quickly developing medical care, to what extent are traditions maintained and what could be forecasted about the future? Taking this all into account the main theme of this research can be described with the following sentence:

The rapid development of two technological giants: contrasts within South-Korea & Shanghai and their meteoric rise within health and medical industry

The first 5G hospital, which is going to settle in South Korea, is a perfect example for this development. In addition, there are contrasts between the large cities and the peripheral villages, the startups and the multinationals and between modern and traditional culture.


The goal of the research project of this study tour is to investigate which factors influence(d) the development of technology in health care in South Korea and Shanghai, how they influence(d) this and how they differ from each other and the Netherlands. To achieve this goal and prepare for the study tour a research program will be set up, starting in November 2019. The research will be continued during the tour and finished after the tour. The participants investigate different aspects of the countries, like the culture, religion and politics. Besides this the participants will look into the health care and biomedical industry in South Korea and Shanghai. The participants will receive lectures on some of these topics, to gain in-depth knowledge but also to broaden their research.


South Korea

Not only a country full of technical marvels, but also a country full of greenery as 64% is covered with forests.

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The largest city in the world and the soon-to-be medical hub of entire Asia. 


South Korea

Seoul, South Korea

South-Korea was one of the poorest countries, but in a short amount of time it has developed into the world’s 11th largest economy. This major rise started in the 1960s and South-Korea still is one of the fastest growing countries in the world. This immense growth is also seen in the medical industry. The quality of the South-Korean healthcare system is considered to be one of the highest in the world. And with all it’s innovation within the medical sector it strives to become the biggest medical hub.


Shanghai, China

As well as South-Korea, China has shown a rapid growth in the past few years. As China’s biggest city this growth has also had a huge impact on Shanghai. Shanghai has become a booming city in the economical, transportational, technological and most importantly the medical sector. Investments have been made in almost every medical sector, which leads to an improved accessibility of healthcare as well as the further development of advanced medical technology.